How do I do it?


How do I do it?

This is my story in five sentences:
I spent a decade being bullied at school; not ‘teased’, bullied to suicidal levels- an experience which (despite trying to operate on my own ‘ugly’ nose) I survived but my best friend did not. Being discovered by a model scout changed my life and I became a professional model for over a decade. I had many life-changing experiences while having my picture taken for a living; I learned to travel the world solo, had my small-town mind opened, discovered urban exploring, bought my own home (which is a canal boat), had my tubes tied, gained a truckload of confidence and helped put a rapist in jail. When I began to leave the world of modelling and set up this blog, it was (and still is) a relief to simply share my real-life adventures with you. I became the living videogame character I always wanted to be, armed with a blog I was proud to show the world and hoped to make a living from…


The problem with trying an insane venture is that sometimes things just don’t work- all the things I imagined seem so far in the distance that I’ve felt stupid for thinking I could ever pull this off. It’s crazy; when I started this blog, I thought the hard part would be finding amazing places all over the world to explore and tell you about. It turns out that the hardest part is actually getting people to find this website and read about my adventures! Short of standing on a street corner screaming “READ ALL ABOUT IT” (which has actually occurred to me) I’ve been at a loss, and that has been really, really, really getting me down.

I’ve come to embrace and thrive in my position as “the odd one out”. However, it brings an unusual ‘blogger’ problem; it is easy for me to stand out in a sea of floppy-hatted flowing-skirted cocktail-holding Taj-Mahal-posing melon-eating tropical-sea-swimming travel bloggers, but finding people who want to see my kind of adventure has been very, very hard. I know you’re/they’re out there- I’m just looking for the way to reach them. I’m too ‘raw’ and gritty for sunkissed travel conferences, I’m not modified enough for the ‘alt’ blogging label (besides, I generally talk about adventure, not alt culture), I’m not scientific or athletic enough to be considered an ‘explorer’ and the last time I went to a summit for inspirational women, the lady on the desk pointedly looked me up and down and checked my name three times before allowing me to enter the room of stalls and stands representing entrepreneurs, ‘mummy bloggers’, full-time political activists and true academic world-changers… but nobody like me.

Right now, the fact is that while my instagram and youtube followings are growing by the hour, not enough people are reading this blog. As you may guess from my (very abridged) life story, I can write about a hell of a lot; strength, bullying, modelling, empowerment, fighting real-life monsters, feminism, solo travel, overcoming the odds, self-confidence, exploring the world- the list goes on, but for the past 1.5 years I’ve stuck to urbex and the end-of-days. Now, it’s time for a change.

Wastelanders, I’m still going to write about the apocalypse. Urbexers, I’m still going to show you amazing abandoned places around the globe. People who are following for the outfits I wear, there are still going to be loads of pictures of me.
So what’s going to change? I’m simply going to alter the way I write about things.

1) How do I do it?
Instead of just showing you something, I’m going to tell you how I got there: how I find locations, how to be a total badass, the best places to explore, how to fight monsters both physical and in your head, and how to have the best adventures of your life.
I won’t just tell you- I’ll show you on my YouTube channel.

2) Interviews
After a few tweaks to my website, I want to start doing a monthly interview with somebody who inspires me. These could be fellow adventurers/travellers, people I have met, people I follow online- male, female, pink, brown, tattooed- from any country around. Anybody who has a story to tell.
Untitled design

3) Talk to me!
I value having so many people who support me so I’m considering a regularly scheduled chat in Instagram Live, where I broadcast from wherever in the world I am. You get to talk to me and I get to know some of you!

Future stuff
I’m considering selling calendars, posters and prints for those of you who like my postapocalyptic outfits and my work with end-of-days creative powerhouse “The Wasteland Warriors.”

I’ve actually got so much more mojo now that I’ve written this and my fingers are flying across the keyboard (which is a miracle in itself as my hands are still sore from sewing leather outfits!) I think that’s all I have to say for now, except that I hope you will still support me on this journey.

“How do I do it” was partly a rhetorical question as that’s my most-asked question, but it’s also a genuine question that I am calling out to the world: how do I do this? How do I get to where I want to be? Hopefully, soon, I’ll hear an answer.

Faith Roswell: “The Living Lara Croft” (and currently a bit nervous.)

“Bring me that horizon”.
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  1. Siani (Sister Sin)

    Excellent post. I look forward to the changes and stories to come. 🙂 I do follow you on Instagram and Facebook. I’m in the U.S….a 62 year old adventuress who followed a different path to it long ago. You’re an inspiration. Keep on keeping on. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hey! Thankyou so much, fellow adventuress! <3
      I have made new plans which mean that while I carry them out, i'll mostly be posting on instagram and filming new videos for Youtube. 😀

      Where in the US are you? I really need to see more of America.

  2. Danbo

    I’ve followed you for a while on instagram now, and love not only what you post but the caption that comes with it, I try to imagine and appreciate the thought behind how you plan your outfits, your locations and how you get everything as a whole across to me (or us, the followers).
    And I just want to say how happy I am after reading your story, you are someone that everyone should aspire to, your stubbornness in not letting things overcome you, taking charge of your own life and directing it your own way.
    I love to follow you and you’ve just showed us that aswell as being awesome at doing what you do, (we see you as a celebrity) that you’re really down to earth. I hope to meet you one day. Until then, keep up the brilliant work and content. X

    1. Post

      Wow. This has really made my day. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the kind words and votes of confidence from everyone. Thankyou so, so much.

      I’m going to do a proper blog when I’m home (early November) but I came to realise that Life Out There in its current form in simply not ambitious or varied enough for the original dream I had. I want a database for badass people, with interviews, reviews, skills, how-to guides and more. So… I’m going to stop posting here for the time being and move all my blogging to instagram and my YouTube channel while I spend a year or so setting up my new site. I’ll then absorb Life Out There into “The Badass Bible” (working title).

      Thankyou again for the support! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Joshua DeGray

    I love what you do! Don’t loose hope! You take us on adventures that are so cool! Definitely like to see more of the apocalyptic style sites. Thanks for bringing us with you on your amazing experiences.

    1. Post

      Wow, thankyou so much for this! I really appreciate the kind words about my work! I’ve now got a plan and while I’ll blog all about it, the places to keep an eye on from now are my instagram and Youtube channel. 😀

  4. Michael

    Guess i’m not the first with that idea, but just in case, have you already thought about starting a patreon or something like that?
    Wish you all the best captain 😉

    1. Post

      Thanks for the kind words! I have considered it but right now I cannot take on a single extra thing- i was stretched to breaking point but I now have a plan. I’ll explain in a full blog when I get home to England but for now, my YouTube and Instagram are going to be the sites to watch. 🙂

  5. Christhegoth

    It’s a good blog to read, but…

    I’ve noticed that you need to focus on emotion more. Like the Whale story.

    If you want to pick up ‘Mental Health’ people then emotions are going to be relevant.

    Bullying can lead to PTSD, and you have that lived experience you mentioned. That would be a place to start I’d say.

    Just my 2p. I’m still here, enjoying the show.

  6. Todd

    I hope this doesn’t sound trite, but If things always turned out how we expected them to then it would not be an adventure it would be the path. Keep doing what you’re doing but realize that things will change along the way… you will change. The main thing is to stay flexible but keep your eye focused on whatever star on the horizon is your goal.

    1. Post

      Heya! No it doesnt- i really appreciate the vote of confidence and all the messages I have received. Thankyou.

      I actually have a plan and I’ll blog about it as soon as I return home to England. 🙂

  7. Matthew C Gill

    For me, personally, I find it fascinating from the point of the story. That is to say; what’s the story of the location? How did you discover it? What challenges did it present? What was interesting to you about it? How did you get there, etc. I also am curious too about the kinds of gear you use or keep handy for your adventures. Do you keep any kind of tools handy, such as a knife for emergencies, a light, do you pack a go pack of assorted items and so forth?

    The way I see it, if no label or category fits/exists then you just have to make one. It might not be easy. But, sometimes it’s necessary. If a tool or program etc is needed and doesn’t exist, then you have to make your own.

    Like I tell my kids, we make solutions not excuses. Find a problem and try to solve it. You don’t have that much quit in you. Chin up.

    1. Post

      Thankyou so much for the vote of confidence and very kind words. I really really appreciate it!

      I’m going to be making a blogpost about it but I’ve made a plan. This blog in its current incarnation is simply not ambitious enough for what I want to do. I want a full-on database of badassery- outfits, skills, opinion pieces, interviews etc. This will take time so for the moment I am going to stop updating this website and put more videos on Youtube and instagram (especially answering the kinds of questions you posed) then absorb Life Out There into the new bigger site.

      Fingers crossed! 😀

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