Whale Oil Beef Hooked! (Lord Line 1)


“Got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads…”

Last year, I went on an adventure around one of Hull’s abandoned buildings, and I found something interesting and strange. Check this post for the full write-up. I found two parts of a poem about a whale, and though I went running around the building to find the rest of the story, I had to leave for my coach, leaving the story unfinished.

Last week, I went back.

Of course, the friend I was with assured me there were other cool buildings in the vicinity but though I was excited to spend a whole day exploring, it was the whale’s tale that was first on my mental agenda.


So this is The Lord Line; the subject of my “Urbex Bingo” post. My first thought as we entered through the enormous hole in the side of the building was “maybe I should have added another category to my bingo sheet: People.”
Being a Saturday, there were a lot of twelve year old kids feeling all daring and badass, older ink stained ‘street artists’ who could conceivably have created anything from the enormous murals to the shaky and terrible scrawls over every flat surface, and… although we didn’t see them, we were warned about them- the horny teens apparently going at it on a table. “Think of the splinters!” I screeched in a moment of fluent 30-year-old.

table 1
Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the splinters??!!

It’s amazing how a building can change in a year- we found most of the striking graffiti from last time but new pieces had sprung up- along with new things… like rope swings! After a few minutes swinging around, the quest continued. As with most things, you find them when you least expect them. I came to the bottom of a staircase- and there it was! Part Three!


It seems the person who wrote this had a thing about whales- I made quite a collection! 😀
38122622_457666821397744_8494393379507929088_n 38152829_457665988064494_4318479493166530560_n

We also found yet more of the pseudo-intellectual rubbish to add to the bingo sheet.
This says “You can’t walk on water without getting your feet wet.” …
You can’t walk… ON water… without getting your feet wet.
Dude, you can’t walk on water. Put the joint down.


I still think this place looks like the mines of Moria. 😉


I loved having the chance to actually look around without the mad scramble to see the top before having to run for a coach! I got to actually see the view and eat Toffee Crisp bars. And what an amazing view it was!

From our place on one roof, we could see the kids hanging out on the roof of the building opposite… so clearly, there was a way in. We made our way down again, finding yet more rooms we hadn’t discovered, secret staircases and the way to the second floor. Yes, we’d already been to the second floor… but via Matt The Viking hauling my butt up half a floor. It turns out there were stairs after all… 😀
A glimpse into a room showed us a piece of graffiti that needed fixing (with the help of mascara, Hitler turned into Salvador Dali) and after our frenzied and angry art session, we turned around to look at the rest of the room and…


Quest completed. Mischief managed..

When I posted the first blog about this place, I had a few people asking me why I didn’t just google the words. Fellow adventurers, I don’t think I need to explain to you, do I? 😉
But for those of you who don’t understand; it’s not always about the end result, but the fun in finding it. Lets stay in theme here- somebody on a whale-watching trip is not going to be happy sitting at home and googling whales. Sure, I wanted to find out what he said but I also wanted to find the hidden parts of the building that I clearly hadn’t managed to reach. To find them for myself. Understand? 🙂

Later, I did google the words. It’s based on an old WWII poem by George Smith that has been changed and adapted over and over again. The original is “Under the Libyan Sun”.
I had interpreted the version I found as the tale of a whale that was harpooned, but the next buildings told me a bit more of the story. After another Toffee Crisp break and a silly photoshoot with some graffiti, we moved on…….

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