Road to Ruin: A sneak preview!


Road To Ruin is the main running UK postapocalyptic event- it’s held in Oxfordshire and I was invited for a secret first look at the arena and grounds… and have my first driving lesson in over a decade! If you want to see how well that went, check out my Instagram post. 😉


I’ve mentioned before, when you set a postapocalyptic event, film, music video- or anything- in England, you can’t do Mad Max (though with the scorching evil weather right now, I may have to take that back) as we don’t have vast desert plains. Doomsday, Dog Soldiers and 28 Days Later are more ‘our thing’.
I was wondering how the guys at R2R were going to approach the postapocalyptic theme. Well…..

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I’m not going to give away too many secrets but there’s a very strong military abandoned feel to the (large) area, with a good amount of cover from trees and buildings- great for sun-dodging people like me! When I started looking around, I could see the foundations for buildings and stalls in progress, cars being stored up ready and as I was walked around, I could see how inspired and passionate the crew were about the transformation in progress.

Mediiiiiiiic! 😀

I’ve been told there are going to be bands, live robots, a ride-out or two for people with awesome vehicles, a steampunk element and gladiator fights! I’ll be debuting a new costume and you’ll get to see our Queen Bee all dressed up in her end-of-days finery too. Here she is!

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So… that vehicle is the Skinrig which you may have seen me riding in another post, where I talked about shooting the promo video. It’s awesome and I got to ride in the top seat again before getting bitch-slapped by a low hanging tree. 😛
The thing is. if you’re surrounded by people who know cars and vehicles, in a large private space, cars and vehicles tend to get driven around. I wasn’t exactly going to refuse my first driving lesson, was I?

Happy little face! 😀

The bad news is, the Skinrig isn’t road legal… but the Kittypocalypse is. Next driving lesson coming soon. 😉

Back to the event: so far, things like cabins, stalls and structures are not set up but there’s so much space I’m excited to see what’s going to be there. There’s always a balance between putting everything close together so people can mingle, and setting things far enough apart that it doesn’t get claustrophobic.
Also, in my opinion, one of my favourite things about the non-desert events is the potential for exploring- finding secret stuff hidden around and starting urban legends. Junktown’s full of these little pockets of fun. If you come, can you spot this? 😀

So, if you’d like to attend the event yourself (and come and say hi of course), the facebook page is here so you can book your tickets and check out the list of performers and fun things.
Date: September 21st-23rd
Location: Buckinghamshire, England

I hope to see you  there- I’ll be filming all weekend so unless you’re on the other side of the world at Wasteland Weekend (in which case, give everyone a massive spiky hug from me), come! 😀

Faith x

p.s. There’s so much more to see! I’ll tell all in September.

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