Speaking in Trees


“It’s been here all this time!” said Ron delightedly, walking around the car. “Look at it. The forest’s turned it wild…”
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I love awesome cars and vehicles and one of my near-future goals is to learn to drive , but I also love nature and wildness, and seeing vehicles reclaimed by nature fascinates me. As life moves very quickly, there aren’t many places (certainly in the UK) that stay still long enough for a tree to claim a car so I was excited to find I was going to visit one such place in Belgium.
(This trip is from a couple of years ago but I re-edited my photos.)


There are often legends and false backstories about places like this, especially near Flanders Fields. People say that soldiers left their cars in makeshift car parks, went to war and never returned. At that time, having a car was a much rarer thing than it is today- mere privates could not often afford cars and while there may be such a car park somewhere for the officers, this is certainly not one. There are only two much-too-modern cars here and this is the other.

I love the contrast between them; the one now inseparable from the tree seems raised up by it, a little more connected to the surrounding greenery and (screw it, I’m totally going to anthropomorphise) kind of cheeky. The other looks collapsed- defeated.


I got scratched by brambles and eaten alive by mosquitoes but seeing this little curiosity was worth it- even with the fist-sized welts that mosquitoes give me. I didn’t stay as long as the other members of my team as I really was suffering but the photo I posed for is still one of my favourite pictures of me to date.


To think that a full-grown tree could have forced its way out through a car and was were just allowed to sit there in peace; green and rust… <3

Here’s another car that’s gone wild: it’s speaking a squirrel! The photographer is Pål Hermansen and his work is amazing- you should go and look.


Cars bore me- they have too much to do and too little to say but one day, one spoke to me and it spoke a tree…”
Extract from a modern faerie story I was writing.

I’m currently at Junktown in the Czech Republic so I’ll be back on Wednesday with a shiny new blog. 😉

Another photo by Magpie Tommy

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