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Urbex: urban exploration, aka exploring abandoned buildings. It’s a hobby that usually brings places like Detroit to mind- with its derelict factories and fallen landmarks. Yet, an urbex hotspot has emerged over the years I’ve spent exploring; Belgium! From the doomed Chateau Miranda to abandoned houses, industrial buildings and other curiosities, I never know what I’m going to see next when I visit (though I always get the chance to stuff my face with these again. Cuberdons- my first article as an Atlas Obscura writer!) 😉

I made a flying visit last year to see friends in Belgium, who know how much I love to explore and happened to know of somewhere just nearby. So they surprised me with a mini trip! We bundled into the car and went to have a look around.

It’s a derelict milk factory, still full of huge containers and equipment…. but we didn’t know it was also being used as a storage spot for a nearby bar. The entrance had been open but we still thought it best to look around quietly. Cue dodging unsuspecting bar staff, hiding like children playing a party game and jumping at every clatter and small noise!
The noises lessened as we climbed the stairs to the upper levels where we found graffiti (because of course we did.) 😛 I’m told this says “Say hi to the dicks/police”

I do love industrial machinery! While the panoramic shots didnt come out so well on my phone, we got a few that showed the scale of the rooms and passages.
I swear I look like I’m about to get beamed up! 😛


As we made our way down the stairs we realised there were more things being moved- the stacks of cans and bottles shifting like a labyrinth between us and the exit. After a mad giggling shuffle towards the back of the building, seeking- and failing to find- another way out, we turned and left the way we entered: through the door.

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